Parent/Player Handbook


Cloud Peak players and their families will be responsible for their transportation to all tournaments, local and out of state, unless explicitly notified to the contrary. This includes transportation from the hotel to the playing venue(s).

  • GROUND TRAVEL: Players may carpool to tournaments as necessary and need to be at the given destination at the time stipulated by the coach. No individual member of Cloud Peak Volleyball's staff can provide transportation to any event unless a Travel Waiver has been signed.

  • AIR TRAVEL: For tournaments requiring air travel, the Cloud Peak Travel Coordinator will advise parents on which flights our coaching staff will be using to allow parents to purchase tickets for that same flight. This would be necessary if a player was not traveling with her parents and would require supervision on the flight. NO AIRLINE TICKETS WILL BE PURCHASED BY THE CLUB FOR PLAYER OR PARENT TRAVEL. We have found that parents are able to purchase the tickets at better rate through online deals and using miles than attempting to book group travel.


It is possible that we may provide team vans to certain events. Players and their families will be made aware of such arrangements in advance of the trip. There may be an additional cost for hotel accommodations.


For any overnight event, the following policies are in effect IN ADDITION TO our standard Tournament Guidelines:

  1. Parents/Guardians will transport their player to and from the host city.

  2. Players will stay with their parents during the event. Cloud Peak may secure an optional room block at a hotel and parents will have the option to secure a room within the timelines provided. Otherwise, parents are free to secure a room at any hotel in the host city.

  3. Parents/Guardians will transport their player to and from the playing venue each day.

  4. Players are asked to attend any and all team functions outside the playing site. The coaching staff or Team Mom is asked to communicate these activities in advance to allow for proper planning. These could include: team meals, team building activities, etc.


  1. Players should be sure to bring their uniform and all equipment to each event.

  2. Players are responsible for all their meals during the course of the tournament.

  3. IMPORTANT when flying, NEVER pack your uniform or other important gear in your checked baggage. Always pack them in your carry on.


  1. Please adhere to any and all food policies at the host facilities. "No Food" in the building means exactly that. Failure to comply could mean a fine or removal from the tournament.

  2. Please follow all rules and requests set forth by the Coach and/or Team Mom. These include but are not limited to: room curfew, lights out, morning meeting times, team meals, team meetings, after tournament responsibilities, etc.

  3. We are proud of Cloud Peak Volleyball Club and you, the player, are our best representation of our club. We ask that you follow these parameters when traveling to a overnight tournament whether it is at the hotel, playing venue, or any other team activity:

    • First and foremost, you are, as noted above, our Cloud Peak representative, so any negative behavior is a reflection on our (your) club.

    • In reverse though, any positive behavior is a reflection on our (your) club

  4. We appreciate when our teams support each other. Incentives will be offered to teams to stay once play is completed to watch and cheer on their club mates. This is NOT required, but it is STRONGLY encouraged.

  5. Teams are allowed to do "Team Stay" so long as it is not organized or mandated by the club or any member of the coaching staff. This means if the team decides to secure rooms (or a rental home) at a tournament location and designate a chaperone for the event, they do so understanding Cloud Peak is not responsible for any portion of these arrangements. An indivisual player can NOT be required to participate in the "Team Stay" arrangements.


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