Parent/Player Handbook


Scheduling for our teams is a monumental task that requires balancing many factors each month and season. We understand that many of you are balancing several schedules at home and receiving our schedules in a timely manner is important to maintain that balancing act.

We will release monthly practice schedules no later than two weeks prior to the upcoming month. Schedules will be made available online and will NOT be printed or available in hard copy form.

The season tournament schedule will be released no later than the second week of practice and will be made available online and will NOT be printed or available in hard copy form. The schedule is subject to change at any time due to tournament cancellations and unforeseen conflicts.

Individual tournament information (start times, location, etc.) may not be available until the Wednesday or Thursday prior to the weekend. Many tournament directors are unable to release the information in a timely manner and we apologize for the inconvenience in advance. Information will be released as soon as we receive it on our website and through email.


If a player arrives late, the player's coach has the right to ask that player to sit out any portion of the tournament day. The consequences are left to the discretion of the coach and may change on a case-by-case basis.


We have provided our players with  a list of dates for potential major events (during our Parent/Player Meeting and on Website). Please plan your schedules around these dates and when potential conflicts arise, contact the Club Director immediately. In general, all major events should hold priority over other sports, activities, and vacations. Player's attendance is mandatory and they are responsible financially for these events, whether they attend or not.

For our overnight tournaments there may be additional expenses that will be billed to the families throughout the season. We ask that ALL payments be mailed directly to the Club Director or paid online through your Team Snap account. Please DO NOT give payments to your coach or any member of the coaching staff as they will not be responsible for them if they get lost and not received by the club.



  1. We ask that players properly prepare for their tournaments. This includes getting the proper nutrition and rest prior to a tournament day. Please allow for a full 8 hours of sleep prior to a tournament and be sure to eat healthy meals/snacks both the day before and the day of the tournament.

  2. Players are responsible for the club volleyballs during a tournament. These balls will be used for warm-ups and players are solely responsible to track down and maintain their team's volleyballs throughout the tournament and season. Lost balls will be billed to the athletes on each team!

  3. Players will wear their official Cloud Peak gear to all events. We also ask that players bring all jerseys and additional uniform items in case of emergency.

  4. Please arrive at the time designated by the coach at the facility. Please allow plenty of time to travel especially on days where weather may be a factor. If a player arrives late, the player's coach has the right to ask that player to sit out any portion of the tournament day. The consequences are left to the discretion of the coach and may change on a case by case basis. Generally, we ask that players arrive on hour prior to their first match if they are playing, and 30 minutes prior to their first match if they are the reffing team.


THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS AN ABUNDANCE OF INFORMATION. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the protocols.

We ask that players prepare properly for their days of competition. Parents/Guardians play an important role in this process. This includes (but is not limited to):

  1. Proper rest prior to a tournament day. Please allow for a full 8 hours of sleep and be sure player's are awake a full  hour prior to arrival at the playing site.

  2. Players are responsible for providing their own food throughout the event. We ask that players/parents are conscious of their nutrition and eating "right" prior to and throughout the event. If a team dinner is planned we request that all families do their best to attend the "team function".

  3. Players must limit time in the sun, excessive time on their feet, and swimming in days prior to and during an event.


Once the players are courtside at the beginning of their tournament day, they are under the supervision of the coach until released at the completion of the day. During that time, the players, parents, and guardians are subject to the following guidelines:

  1. Parents/Guardians will provide transportation for their player(s) to and from the play site. Please allow plenty of time to travel. Traffic and weather can cause significant delays in some areas. It is highly suggested that you drop players off at the entrance to the playing site and then park.

  2. Players should arrive at courtside at the time designated by the coach. (Coach Note: Prior to each days competition coaches are expected to communicate with players & parents your team's playing site location and courtside arrival time.)

  3. We ask that our teams stay together during the duration of the event while at the playing site (i.e. time between matches and during reffing responsibilities). Players are encouraged to support other Cloud Peak teams, scout their next opponent, and get food and drink in their time between matches.

  4. Use of cellphones/tablets for any other purpose besides making important or emergency calls is not allowed while at a playing site. Each coach may use discretion in allowing players to use phones to listen to music or take photos of their team during an event. However, if players are using their phones excessively and excluding themselves from team activities, the coach has the right to terminate all use of cell phones or tablets during an event.

  5. We ask that players eat and hydrate properly before, during, and after each competition day. Fast food, junk food, and pop should be avoided so that the athlete can sustain a high level throughout the tournament.

  6. Players are not allowed to leave the playing facility at any time during the day.

  7. Players are not allowed to leave the playing facility until released by their coach for the day. This includes staying through team reffing responsibilities until the match is over, any post match meeting that the coach my hold or watching another Cloud Peak team compete. Please adhere to the coach's requests.

  8. During Multi-Day Tournaments, we encourage our coaches to hold a brief meeting after each day with players & parents regarding instructions for the next day/round of competition. (Playing Site & Arrival Time)

  9. We ask that parents do not approach, text, email, or call the coaches or directors, especially regarding team play or individual player play during the event.

    • ONLY if there is an emergency, text or call the Coach or Club Director.

    • Any negative reports of player, parent/guardian, or coach behavior will be dealt with immediately. repercussions to include suspension from single set or match play and/or removal from the team roster or from the club after a full review of the incident.

  10. We ask that parents are both supportive and positive in regards to the team and all athletes at all times. Please refrain from directing negative comments at the officiating crew, coaches and/or players within the club or other teams. ***Cloud Peak is proud of our character and integrity and we realize that our parents are as important tot that reputation as our players and coaching staff. Please represent your daughters in a manner that we can all be proud of.

  11. At the completion of the day's competition, and only after the team's final match has been played, officiating duties fulfilled, watch our other teams compete, and having been released by the head coach, a player may leave with their parents/guardians. (Coaching Note: Coaches should ensure each player is accounted for and leaving with their parent/guardian before they leave a playing facility.)


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