Parent/Player Handbook


Players should plan on arriving at the court 10 minutes prior to a scheduled practice time, to ensure that they are dressed and prepared for practice to begin on time. Players MUST wear a Cloud Peak shirt to all practices. Head coaches are allowed to create additional policies, such as wearing the same color t-shirt on an individual team basis, as well as wearing black spandex. Additional practice t-shirts may be purchased through the Club Director throughout the season.

Players needing treatment or taping prior to practice must arrive at least 20 minutes prior to a scheduled practice to allow enough time to receive treatment/taping.

While we do not close practices to parents, we do ask that parents enter and sit as far away from the court as possible. We will hold open practices during the season to allow parents full access to the training environment. Parents are not allowed on the courts at any time during practice sessions unless requested by the Head Coach. Parents are also not allowed to offer coaching advice to any player. If a parents presence at practice becomes distracting, Cloud Peak reserves the right to close practice to parents.


Practices are mandatory and a player's attendance is expected. Practice attendance will factor in determining a players' role on the team. Attendance will be kept by the coaches' throughout the season. All absences will be considered unexcused with the following exceptions:

  • Family Emergency

  • Illness/Injury (a doctors note may be requested)

  • School Sport/Activity Conflict (supply a schedule to the coach and prior notice)

  • College Entrance Exam

  • Religious Ed

  • Allotted Homework Day (see section)

Should a player have 3+ or more unexcused absences the following consequences are in place:

  1. 3 unexcused absences will result in a player being held out of one match in a tournament

  2. 4 unexcused absences will result in a player being held out of an entire tournament.

  3. If the player has 5 or more unexcused absences, a meeting will be held with the player and her family to determine how to proceed.

Finally, while excused absences do not have any direct consequences, we want players and parents to understand that the player's role may be affected if they miss significant time training with their team. Missing opportunities to work within the team's system and develop the timing and chemistry necessary to compete may or may not affect how the player is used in tournaments. We anticipate that our coaching staff will work closely with those players to communicate where the coach stands on the situation and ensure that the player is fully aware of the circumstances dictating any such decision.

NOTE: Missing practice for homework and studying (including finals) is not considered an excused absence. This in an important part of our student-athlete's time management skills. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis, but are not encouraged. Academics are extremely important to us so we have added Homework Days for each player to use throughout the season.

Please contact your coach in advance when you will be missing practice. Contact information will be available through the Team Snap App once teams have been chosen. Should your child miss practice before teams are selected, you can contact the Club Director.


Homework Days are EXCUSED absences that can be used throughout the season in the event that a player needs to miss a practice for academic purposes. Some examples may be: final exams, school project, ACT Prep, significant homework load, National Honor Society event, and private tutoring.

Athletes get one (1) Homework Day per season for all programs except our Elite program in which athletes will get two (2) Homework Days for the season. Any additional days taken for these reasons would be considered unexcused.


Practice cancellations are rare. Practices may be cancelled due to inclement weather or a facility use issue. However, due to the fact that our players reside in many different locations, we usually make every attempt to hold practice. We ask that each family evaluate the situation on a case by case basis. Players not attending practice due to inclement weather in their area would be considered excused from practice. Please check the website and Facebook after 2pm on such days for updates on practice status for the evening. Be sure to opt-in to the Text Messaging notifications through your Team Snap App account once it is setup so that you receive notifications to your mobile phone.

In addition, on occasion, coaches will give the players a practice day off to allow for recovery and rest if they have had a rigorous schedule. Coaches must approve this through the Club Director and are responsible for communicating this properly to their teams. We do not encourage this practice, but do understand the need from time to time.


We are very fortunate to use our local school and YMCA facilities. Cloud Peak Volleyball has a high standard with regards to how we treat our facilities. We ask that our players be FULLY responsible for the maintenance and cleanliness of their facility during their practice times. We ask that players, at a minimum, do the following:

  • All bags should be placed neatly out of the way before every practice.

  • Players are required to pick up all garbage after every practice, in the court area as well as any other area our players use during the practice. This especially refers to all plastic bottles and food wrappers.

  • All balls, boxes, cones, extension cords, and other equipment used during practice are to be picked up and put away.

  • Nets are to be taken down and put away properly at the completion of practice.

  • Nets are also to be set up before practice, and players need to make setting up nets their first priority upon arrival.


Scheduling for our teams is a monumental task that requires balancing many factors each month and season. We understand that many of you are balancing several schedules at home and receiving our schedules in a timely manner is important to maintain that balancing act.

We will release monthly practice schedules no later than two weeks prior to the upcoming month. Schedules will be made available online and will NOT be printed or available in hard copy form.

The season tournament schedule will be released no later than the second week of practice and will be made available online and will NOT be printed or available in hard copy form. The schedule is subject to change at any time due to tournament cancellations and unforeseen conflicts.

Individual tournament information (start times, location, etc.) may not be available until the Wednesday or Thursday prior to the weekend. Many tournament directors are unable to release the information in a timely manner and we apologize for the inconvenience in advance. Information will be released as soon as we receive it on our website and through email.


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