Parent/Player Handbook


The role of the parent at Cloud Peak (in the most basic form) can be clearly defined. We ask that parents provide support to both their son/daughter and the team at all times. The success of our teams can be affected both positively and negatively by the role that the parents assume in the process. Parents that are supportive of their sons/daughters and the team will assist in helping create the positive atmosphere and chemistry that is a key ingredient to a team's ultimate success. Parents that are disruptive and critical of either their son/daughter or members of the team (including coaches) can unfortunately help to create a dysfunctional atmosphere that will ultimately hinder the development of the team and individual players throughout the season.

The vast majority of parents and families of our players have been very supportive in the past, and we hope that support will continue to grow each year! We hope that parents support their athlete(s) by attending their matches and giving positive encouragement. We expect you to refrain from criticizing your child, their teammates, their coaches, or the officials.

Cloud Peak realizes the sacrifices that are made by all of our families and appreciates the time and commitment of the parents throughout their athletes' club careers. We have an open door policy with our families and encourage you to address any concerns you have with our staff under the guidelines we have set forth. We ask you to help us create the positive environment necessary for our athletes to succeed both on and off the court.


The Cloud Peak "Team Mom" will be a volunteer position for each Cloud Peak team.

The roles and responsibilities are as follows:

  • Deliver "This Week" email every Sunday to team with an overview of the team activities the coming week.

  • Point person to distribute all written correspondence to the team from coach, travel coordinator, or club administrator.

  • Create posts, add pictures/videos and other team-related items to our Social Media pages throughout the season.

  • Recruiter of concession parent workers an coordinate concession work schedules for host tournament.

  • Team phone tree coordinator (with the coach)

  • Serve as an in-tournament chaperone at Parent Stay travel events

Interested volunteers that would like to be considered should contact the Club Director by email at


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