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Helpful links and resources for Parents

 We strive to make each club softball experience a positive one, and parents play a key role in ensuring that. In order to support and educate our fastpitch softball parents, we've developed this Parent Page and provided links to some other helpful resources. Fastpitch softball can be the most fun parents and kids have together in middle and high school years, so focus on the time spent together. It’s their road, but you can enjoy the ride!

Helpful Resources

Dear Parents: a letter by player, coach, and parent

Teach Your Children to be Coachable

Changing the Game Project: resources on being a successful sports parent 

So You Want to be a Better Spectator?: five ways to improve your sideline parenting

Coach-Parent Partnership: guidelines for developing a healthy coach/parent relationship

Positive Coaching Alliance: valuable resources for sports parenting

Safe Athletes: what every parent should know about athlete abuse

Parents Association for Youth Sports: education and membership program

YESports: a mastery approach to parenting in sports

What Parents Should Say: some guidelines on what parents should say as their children perform information on college rules and regulations

AAU Parent Page: information from AAU for parents

Raise Your Kids to have True Grit

Popular Links



I'm still just a KID

It's just a GAME

I TRUST my coach, you should too

The officials are HUMAN

I LEARN by doing and making mistakes

NO college scholarships will be handed out today

This is NOT the Olympics

Prepare me for the road, NOT the road for me

P is for praising, which your child needs often.
A is for accepting, so hard edges will soften.
R is for recognizing your child’s many talents.
E is for encouraging a good healthy balance.
N is for nurturing, to help your child grow.
T is for teaching, then letting go.
S is for smiling at the growth and the glow.

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