Club volleyball programs have exploded across the country. The first AAU National tournament was held 30 years ago, and only 20 teams made the trip. Last season, there were more than 100,000 registered junior players in the United States and over 2,300 teams at the AAU National Championships in Orlando, FL.

Why this incredible growth? There are many factors, but the overall growth of women’s sports programs is important. As women’s collegiate programs have prospered, the level of play has increased greatly. The average level of ability of junior players has increased as well. So successful are junior club program athletes that most NCAA Division I coaches recruit exclusively from the junior volleyball clubs. The reason for this is simple. Coaches can see many solid prospects in a single day at a junior tournament, while it is difficult to see more than one prospect a day during the high school season. This becomes even more true with the NCAA rules governing the number of times a collegiate coach can contact or observe in person a given player.

Is club volleyball only for the college bound athlete? Certainly not! Our program offers programs for kids as young as 5 years old. Who can say whether these kids are even headed to college to play sports at all, let alone to play volleyball? For most of our members, club volleyball is simply another challenging and rewarding experience which should lead to a lot more fun on the court as playing skills increase. Many of our players are beginners and are looking for quality training with less time and financial constraints. Our local and Traveling programs do just that.  For those that are looking for more, we offer our Elite Travel program that includes a competition schedule of elite competition throughout Colorado and Utah. For the serious volleyball athlete, we also compete in the Denver Crossroads USAV tournament! As you can see, we have a program for everyone and we understand that regardless of your level, that each player in our program wants the opportunity to develop and improve.

So what about scholarships? Well, they do exist, and we help our athletes explore the different opportunities that exist and we have helped our players go on to play in college; most of these receive partial or full scholarships.  The desire to play college volleyball isn’t fully realized until late in your high school career. Wanting to play college is NOT a prerequisite to play club. In fact, that should not be the reason for starting at all. Play because you love it! Play because its fun!

In conclusion, club volleyball is a great place to meet friends, have fun, compete, and develop attributes like work ethic, character, teamwork and competitiveness that will help you in every phase of your life! We invite you to check out Cloud Peak Volleyball!


Cloud Peak Volleyball Club offers many opportunities for girl's and boy's at a variety of skill levels to learn and compete! Our popular volleyball camps and clinics (year-round opportunities) provide solid foundational training opportunities for players of all ages and ability levels, offer flexibility in joining one or more sessions, and several are open to all players regardless of club affiliation! We do not nickel and dime or club families; all costs are included with the registration fee. Check out our specific club programs page to learn more!


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