Parent/Player Handbook


Cloud Peak Volleyball believes that great coaching is at the core of a great program. All of our coaches have been selected because we believe they are qualified and bring unique talents to our athletes. One of the most important aspects of coaching youth sports is having good communication between players, their parents, and coaches.

We understand that volleyball can be an emotional sport and sometimes parents are prone to issue instructions to their players from the stands. If these instructions are contrary to those of the coach, this will only cause confusion and anxiety for the player. Please encourage your athlete to follow their coach's instructions and leave the coaching to the coach. We believe that parents need to align themselves with the coach in teaching their player how to cope with the natural frustrations of being a member of a team. Sports provide an excellent opportunity to teach young athletes about the realities of competitive situations. They must be taught how to be a cooperative team member, how to make use of both positive and negative feedback, how to cope with adversity, how to achieve mental toughness, and how to be a gracious winner or loser.


When a player has a concern, parents and coaches share the responsibility of teaching their athlete the steps necessary to remedy the situation. The administration of Cloud Peak Volleyball will NOT ALLOW THE COACHES OR PLAYERS TO BE BERATED by parents or fellow teammates. If you or your athlete refuse to follow the guidelines set forth, you will be asked to leave the program. Except in the case of situations involving safety or player abuse, the following steps should be taken if a player has a concern with the coach:


We have a communication plan (minimum 24+24 hour rule) between coach/player/parent that must be strictly adhered to. When issues arise please do NOT approach the coach at practice or an event.


Please wait a minimum of 24 hours to call the coach to set up a meeting to address and discuss the issues. The coach or someone from the Club will respond back within 24 hours.


The order of communication until there is a resolution will be:

  1. Player meets with Coach

  2. Player and Parent meet with Coach & Program Director

  3. Player and Parent meet with Coach/Program Director/Executive Director

               *We may ask that a mentor coach also attend any of these communication points.


There are several ways Cloud Peak Volleyball will communicate information with our players and their families throughout the season. Below you will find each method with examples of the type of communication.

  1. "Important Dates" box on home page

  2. "Parent Portal" section with information and downloads

  3. Board of Directors Contact information

  4. Program-Specific sections with detailed pages for each program we offer


Our administrative staff will use email to communicate the following:

  1. Club Announcements

  2. Dues/Uniform/Apparel Bills

  3. Payment reminders

  4. Travel/Overnight Itineraries

  5. General Practice/Schedule Announcements


We use Team Snap to handle all registration and team-specific communication. The Team Snap App will be useful once teams are formed during their season. The Team Snap App can be found in your App Store and accessed on any handheld device. You should set your notification settings to receive text alerts, email alerts, etc.

  1. Team-Specific Announcements

  2. Team Schedules (Practice and Tournament)

  3. Weather/Practice Cancellations

  4. Driving Directions/Locations

The Team Snap App is maintained by the team's Head Coach and Team Mom.


Cloud Peak Volleyball is proud of our Social Media presence. Please visit our page and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We also have a YouTube channel with our game film from our elite teams!

  1. Tournament Results

  2. Fun Photos & Stories

  3. Alumni News

  4. Commitment News

  5. Our players "In the News"


Cloud Peak Volleyball is proud of our online presence and will attempt to use the website as our primary form of communication throughout the season. Schedules, rosters, basic player profiles and more are maintained on a daily basis. In addition, players will have their individual pictures displayed on their profile/team pages. As part of our Parent/Player Contract, you will agree to allow Cloud Peak to publish the information on your athlete's player profile.

If your athlete is interested in getting recruited, please let our club director know and we will add their profile to our "Recruiting" page. Please review your profile and make sure you know what is displayed to college coaches.


Proudly serving Sheridan & Johnson counties in the great state of Wyoming!


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